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SILOKING Premium Models

SILOKING Premium Models - Details

Premium machines - high quality with versatile options as standard. Standard with cross-conveyor for discharge to side, 2-speed gearbox, 4 point weighing system, aluminium steps and viewing platform plus heavy duty chassis - quality combined with durability. These machines feed 40 to 120 cows per hopper filling. Cross-conveyor for discharge to either side of the machine. Twin hydraulic motors, with one motor mounted each side of the conveyor; ensure that the conveyor belt is always “pulled”. This helps to ensure maximum life of conveyor system and belt.

The Advantages:
• 9-10-11-12-13-14 m³ versions
•40 to 120 cows per hopper filling
•Standard with cross conveyor
•2-speed gear box (11m³+)
•Viewing platform & steps
•4 weighing bars



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