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KvernelandKverneland Group is the largest specialized producer and distributor of farming implements in the world. Unique heat treatment, active product development and effective production processes are the reasons why Kverneland brand is recognised as the best in the business. The brand contributes to more efficient operations for with respect to both costs and yield.

Thanks to over 100 years of experience, Kverneland products are able to meet your needs both today and in the future. A unique process of heat treatment and steel hardening makes it possible to manufacture light yet strong, durable and reliable implements as well as long lasting wearing parts. The group is a family of strong brands enabling us to provide both the farmer and the dealer with a unique and complete range of high quality products for soil preparation, grass treatment, seeding, spreading, potato cultivation and grape harvesting. Being a large international company the Kverneland Group is able to benefit from a unique product development structure which enables valuable group synergies to be exploited with regards to basic research and standardisation.

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