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Kverneland Exacta TL

Kverneland Exacta TL

Kverneland Exacta TL - Details

High Tech Weighing with High Capacity

The Exacta TL is the top of the range model. This ISOBUS 11783 compatible weighing spreader is equipped with an unique reference sensor. Different hopper capacities are available: two different basic hoppers of 1.500 and 1.875 litres and they can be increased with maximal 3 hopper extensions up to 3.450 and 3.900 litre capacity! Working widths from 12 up to 54m are possible. The Exacta TL can be operated with the Kverneland Group Focus II terminal, IsoMatch Tellus terminal or any ISOBUS compatible tractor terminal.

The Advantages:
•CentreFlow spreading system
•Fully automatic weighing system with unique reference sensor
•EasySet for quick and easy adjustment
•Border spreading is easy!
•ISOBUS 11783 compatible for easy plug and play
•Possible in combination with IsoMatch GEOcontrol

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